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  • Paneer Tikka Anardana
    C$ 14.95
    Tandoori Cottage Cheese Served with raw mango, mint, & pomegranate chat.
  • Pudina Pepper Paneer Tikka
    C$ 14.95
    char grill paneer, pepper, hung yogurt spices & mint chutney.
  • Malai Soya Ke Tinke
    C$ 13.95
    Cream Cheese & Cardamom flavoured delicate Soya bites.
  • Corn Kurkure
    C$ 13.95
    baby corn tossed with assorted pepper and chilies.
  • Delhi Style Tandoori Chicken
    C$ 16.95
    Pomegranate and leaf Salad, Mint and Coriander Chutney(4pcs).
  • Smoked Spicy Chicken Tikka
    C$ 17.95
    Smoked Pepper and Onion chutney.
  • Parmesan Malai Chicken Kebab
    C$ 17.95
    Succulent chunks of chicken wrapped in creamy textures of cheese cream cheese and sour cream along with spices.
  • Lamb Kakori
    C$ 17.95
    Delicately spiced royal kebab from Lucknow.
  • Fall off The Bone
    C$ 23.95
    Slow braise cooked tandoori lamb rack Pistachio crust& pickled onion Salad(4pcs).
    (Ask for dairy free option)
  • Tandoori Konkan Prawn
    C$ 22.95
    Tigers prawns marinated with a blend of pickled chilies & tomatoes(6pcs)


  • LUNCH TIME : 11.30 TO 3.30 PM
  • Rice Bowl
    C$ 9.95
    Served with chef’s special vegetarian or chicken curry and soft drink.
  • Keema Naan
    C$ 9.95
    With Gravy
  • Mutton Tak A Tak
    C$ 11.95
    With Ulte Tawa Ka Paratha
  • Kathi Roll
    C$ 9.95
    Stir fried chicken/ Stir fried paneer served with green chutney and onions.
  • Kurkure Kulche with Channa
    C$ 9.95
    White pea curry served with flat bread.


  • Lasooni Palak
    C$ 13.95
    Fresh spinach with cherry tomato, garlic & salli crispy.
  • Tawe Ka Latpata Paneer
    C$ 15.95
    Cottage cheese and diced bell pepper flavored with authentic Indian spices.
  • Bhuna Lasoon Ka Baigan Bhartha
    C$ 14.95
    Roasted garlic & eggplant mash cooked with sweet green peas.
  • Adarki Aloo Gobi
    C$ 14.95
    Spiced cauliflower & potato.
  • Marwari Bhindi
    C$ 15.95
    Starry eyed okra with onion & tomato, topped with black & white sesame.
  • Highway Paneer Butter Masala
    C$ 15.95
    Cottage cheese in tomato gravy, cardamom & mace infused, Finished with kasoori methi.
  • Mewa Mawa Kofta
    C$ 15.95
    Malai Koftas are melt in the mouth fried dumplings of cottage cheese, napped with in a creamy smooth curry.
  • Punjabi Chole
    C$ 13.95
    North Indian Style Cooked Chickpeas.
  • Subz Foogath
    C$ 13.95
    Spicy mix vegetables tossed fresh coconut, south Indian curry leaf Temper.
  • Hyderabadi Dal Katli
    C$ 12.95
    Yellow lentil, tempered with mustard, curry leaf garnished with fried julienne spinach.
  • Dal Aravali
    C$ 13.95
    whole black gram simmered overnight on tandoor, enriched with cream Served with a dollop of home churned butter.
  • Because I love it! (BUTTER CHICKEN)
    C$ 17.95
    Slow-cooked chicken with caramelized tomatoes & Spices
  • Kadai Chicken Lazzatdar
    C$ 17.95
    Lazzatdar Chicken morsels in roasted dry red chilies and coriander, cooked in kadai.
  • Chicken Tikka Masala
    C$ 17.95
    Chicken Tikka Masala is a dish of yogurt-marinated and broiled chicken in a creamy, spice-infused tomato sauce.
  • Madras Chicken Curry
    C$ 17.95
    Southern Spices, Coconut Milk.
  • Chicken Vindaloo
    C$ 17.95
    A fiery Portuguese chicken delight, slow cooked with coconut vinegar.
    C$ 17.95
    Dhaba style chicken curry is spicy, hot, and fragrant. It is made with ground spices, onions, and tomatoes.
  • Laal Maas
    C$ 19.95
    Spicy royal Rajasthani mutton curry with chili onion gravy, Charcoal smoked flavor.
  • Old Delhi ka Lamb Korma
    C$ 19.95
    Lamb braised in brown onion and yogurt gravy. Scented with rose and vetiver extract.
  • Goan Lamb vindaloo
    C$ 20.95
    A light, fragrant and utterly delicious south-Indian-style curry
  • Prawn Moilee
    C$ 22.95
    Green mix, cucumber and cherry tomatoes Garnished with dry cranberry.

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